Client Community

Client community

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

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Networking, collaboration, & resources

We believe that the power of collaboration extends beyond our relationships with individual clients. A community of like-minded asset managers with similar challenges can work together to find solutions with the right tools. Our client community helps drive strategic product development and service offerings. Additionally, our members collaborate to exchange ideas and experiences, and in order to overcome common challenges.

We support and foster our client community with:

  • SalesPage client roundtables: Come to our twice yearly client roundtable events. We plan each roundtable with the assistance of our Client Steering Committee, which directs discussions concerning current developments in the industry and in our products. To learn more about upcoming events, like roundtables, visit our events page.
  • SalesPage advisory board: Formed in 2005 and composed of a rotating group of our clients, the SalesPage advisory board brings attention to ways in which the industry is evolving and advises us about product development and client communication strategies.
  • SalesPage client webinars: Attend or listen after the fact to our webinars spotlighting key product features and industry concerns. To read about past webinars and request recordings, check out webinars on our blog.
  • Peer-to-peer networking: Network with peers and partners year-round through our SalesPage Financial Network on LinkedIn.
  • Client stories: Share your experiences in an exchange of non-proprietary enhancements to SalesPage solutions. You can learn how others have enhanced their solutions. In our community, we like to say: “Contribute one idea to the community, and in return, get ten more ideas.”
  • Client co-development opportunities: As the industry evolves and you face new challenges, we’ll frequently engage with you to collaborate on new development projects. With involvement in such projects, you can be instrumental in the design and development of new, strategic functionality and be first-to-market at reduced costs.
  • Surveys: We strive to stay in the know on your priorities and the industry at large. We administer surveys to glean information regarding best practices in data management, CRM and much more, and then share our findings with those who responded.

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