Market intelligence

You need to understand where and with whom to spend your time. Our client data platform helps point you in the right direction through integration with entity and market share data providers.

Understand market share

How much of the pie is mine? What should my target share of wallet be? These are common questions, and yet accurate answers can be hard to come by.

You want to know your existing wallet share for the targets in your territory. You need to set and track goals for gaining share. SalesPage integrates with market share data providers to provide you with the information you need to see the bigger picture.

When you integrate market share data with our solutions, you’re able to identify which product styles are offered by others, pinpoint new offices or locations where you can increase product presence, focus marketing efforts, search for a local market share in a given area, see what you offer in comparison to others, and view how much of the pie is yours. Integrating third-party data with SalesPage lets you look at data differently; customize your views to better analyze your data, and develop the right plan of action based on your firm’s sales strategy.

We have integrated with all of the asset management industry primary market intelligence providers and will be integrating with others as they become available.

Manage entity data

Our software provides flexible, comprehensive entity data management tools that are without parallel in the asset management industry. We establish and maintain stringent data quality standards, providing you with a single version of truth for firms, offices, and reps and the relationships between these entities. Trading IDs/aliases and CRD numbers are linked to appropriate entities to cut duplication of data and to facilitate automated transaction and asset reconciliation. Expertly crafted entity management and change control tools provide fine control for maintaining accurate records and for expediting entity moves and merges.

With our solution, you can incorporate third-party data from entity data providers, but validate that data against existing records, so that you can both be confident in the integrity of your data and maximize the return on your investment.

We work with data from all of the top industry sources.

What other data integrations can we help you with?