Data visualization & analytics

See the data you need to take intelligent action in real time. SalesPage provides native analytics, reporting, and visualization tools built into our products. For deeper dives into the data, our client data platform integrates with leading third-party CRM data analytics and visualization tools.

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Persona-driven dashboards

In your world of asset management, there’s an ever-increasing demand for more significant information. You need the best, most valuable facts and figures you can get to compete. As the desire for useful information grows, there’s a corresponding demand for better, more powerful tools that can deliver BI, so that you can put it to good use.

We provide rich visualizations throughout SalesPage. Our dashboards provide focused views that target critical information for each person. Interactive graphs and tables help you dive deep and act upon that information immediately. Every entity within SalesPage has discoverable visualizations and intelligence so that you can understand at a glance how best to act on the provided data. We meld accurate data, sales information, and intelligence together, and deliver it to you in an easy-to-understand format.

For more traditional or offline analysis, SalesPage comes bundled with a reporting engine to deliver complex reports, either within the application or as automatic emails sent to your users and others.

While SalesPage includes data, analytics, and reporting capabilities, we also integrate with tools like Tableau and Oracle Business Intelligence, giving our clients more flexibility in how they want to visualize and leverage data and intelligence. Whatever your BI needs are, we are fully engaged and able to handle the details involved in delivering business intelligence.

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