[Webinar] Data clarity delivered through LumaSuite


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Asset managers are using more third-party data to segment, generate leads, and match products to client and prospect interests. Each third-party source has a unique format and data elements that can change often, this is particularly true with broker dealer data packs. The effort required to format data from multiple sources to make it useable and actionable has amplified the cost of third-party data, reduced the benefit, and even deterred some asset managers from investing in it. This webinar will introduce a new data standardization and delivery service that addresses these challenges: LumaSuite.

Join us, along with On Course Advisors CRM Forum members and guests, for a webinar where we’ll share how LumaSuite can boost ROI on your third-party data and enrich your master FORPT (firm, office, rep, partnership, and team) data by:

  • Taking in the third-party data you subscribe to
  • Standardizing it according to your business rules
  • Delivering it back to you in a consistent, reliable, and usable file set